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Montezuma Castle: ancient cliff dwelling in northern Arizona

Welcome to The Dreamwalker Trilogy website! You will find information about each of the three books  along with ordering information. The remaining tabs will give you specific information about each book and a direct link to the websites for ordering. You will also find information about the ancient people and the real sites the trilogy is based  upon. Discover how to use herbs for healing, health, and fun.


Deb Murzyn

About The Dreamwalker Trilogy

The Dreamwalker Trilogy is a YA (young adult) historical fiction that takes place during A.D. 1200, in the high desert country of what is now northern Arizona, when ancient people lived in cliff dwellings or in masonry pueblos. The three books weave a tale of a young woman named Bright Star who sees her world shattered when her father dies. With the help of others, Bright Star learns she has the power to change her life and ultimately the destiny of her people. She learns to walk in spirit worlds and communicate with animals as she dreamwalks.The medicine woman of the clan sees Bright Star's powers as a sign that her granddaughter is to become the next Healing One for the Eagle Clan, yet the young woman resists until she realizes the good her powers can bring to her people.

All three books of The Dreamwalker Trilogy are available online through America Star Books, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles. They are also available as  E-books for Kindle readers.

If you choose ordering paperback books, going directly through the publisher America Star Books may be the least expensive way to buy The Dreamwalker Trilogy. Go to each book's page, click on  "order here" and then  copy and paste the ISBN numbers and it will link you to the specific book.

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In the first book, The Healing One, Bright Star is a teenager who finds her life changing in unexpected ways. She wants her old life back and resists the challenges she faces. Then spirit animals guide Bright Star as she journeys into spirit realms.When her grandmother, the Healing One of the Eagle clan, discovers Bright Star's gift, she hopes to teach her the ceremonies, rituals, and healing knowledge of the People so she will one day replace her as the medicine woman. Bright Star rejects the Healing Ways and wants her old life back. However, she cannot stop her walks into the spirit realms and eventually comes to understand the reasons for her journeys into these alternate worlds. Bright Star finally agrees to journey through the desert to the Sacred Mountains to find a healing plant for a dying girl. This changes her life forever.

In the second book, Bright Star Rising, the Eagle Clan give Bright Star the new name of  Dreamwalker because of her ability to enter spirit realms. Afterward, her grandmother guides Dreamwalker on a journey to a Place of Power for her vision quest. While Dreamwalker is left alone during her quest, she meets Spirit Woman of the Canyon and learns that her unique powers will save not only her clan but the other cliff-dwelling people. Dreamwalker returns from her vision quest and finds devastation along the way. She must own her power and face the one who is responsible to save her people.

The Final Migration ends the story of Dreamwalker as she and her brother lead the survivors of the cliff-dwelling people north in search of a new home. Dreamwalker is pregnant and discovers she cannot spiritwalk in her condition. In this vulnerable condition, she senses her loved ones are being stalked by an evil presence. A medicine man gives her a great gift for her protection. She continues north with her people until once again she must confront the one she has exiled, this time to save herself.

The Healing One
2010 WILLA LITERARY AWARD FINALIST for Young Adult Fiction
Book One of the Dreamwalker Trilogy

ISBN: 978-1-4489-8649-1
Order Link: http://www.americastarbooks.net/the-healing-one_moreinfo.html

Bright Star Rising
Book Two of the Dreamwalker Trilogy
ISBN: 978-1-4489-8599-9  

The Final Migration 
Book Three of The Dreamwalker Trilogy
http://www.americastarbooks.net/sc/productsearch.cgi?storeid=*1a5ce440a0a34abc0842724ed84a15&search_field=Final+Migration  ISBN: 978-1-4489-8583-8

About the Author

I have been writing since I was a young girl: diaries, short stories, letters, and poems. I always knew I would eventually write novels because I was a passionate reader and loved to learn about different times and people. During the time I lived in the southwestern United States I fell in love with the beautiful land and the history of its people. Besides being a teacher, most of my adult life I studied herbs and their healing properties and also practiced the healing arts of herbal therapy and reflexology. All these experiences led me to write about the people who lived long ago in northern Arizona.

The idea for The Dreamwalker Trilogy came to me one day while hiking the northern Arizona canyons and viewing the cliff dwellings that were homes for a group of Ancient Puebloans named the Sinagua (Spanish for without water).Their world intrigued me so I researched how they survived the harsh conditions of the high desert country. These books allowed me to write about my interests and passions. I hope you will enjoy them!

You can email me at Deb@Debmurzyn.com