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Dreamwalking or spiritwalking are terms used to describe when your spirit enters into another world--a spiritual world or realm. A dreamwalker is one who enters an alternate reality, often to work with other worlds, to create, to teach, to help. Are there alternate realities? Many people believe so.

In The Dreamwalker Trilogy Bright Star (who is renamed Dreamwalker) journeys into spirit realms as she sleeps. Later she learns to spiritwalk while awake by using crystals and chanting. Many who dreamwalk use guides such as spirit totems. Bright Star/Dreamwalker is also guided in the spirit realms by spirit totems: a golden eagle, a parrot, a crow, a hawk, and finally, a she-wolf becomes her power animal. Her brother Dark Sun learns his spirit totem is a cougar. Brave Spirit finds his totem is a bear.

Spirit totems, "totem animals," or "power animals" are spirits who guide and help a dreamwalker in the alternate realities. These totems may teach some of the wisdom stored in the earth and its elements. They bring memories of past, future, and alternate realities. A person undertakes a vision quest to seek her spirit totem. Guardian angels are also spirit guides.

The Grand Canyon is the most spiritual place I have ever visited. Some believe it is a great sipapu--entry to another world--a spiritual world.

A vision quest is an important ritual in which a young person seeks a Place of Power to find her spirit totem--the guide who will stay with her for the rest of her life. Fasting and cleansing are important before one begins the vision quest. During the time of the quest, the person chooses a special place with good energy. Then she must observe, listen and be aware for many days. It is a time to link with the earth elements and the energy of the chosen place. It is a time of self exploration, interconnectedness and interdependence of all things.

There are many places like these in the Southwest with Earth energy seeping through. Ley lines and vortexes are words used to define these areas.

Within, above, and below the Earth there is energy. The earth's biomagnetic fields cover it much like a spider web. These strands of Earth energy are known as ley lines. Ley lines connect power spots and vortices. A power spot or vortex is a place where the electro-magnetic field of the Earth is strong. Small amounts are released at the Earth's surface. A vortex will have a dominant electric or magnetic force and people will feel them differently. Where are these power spots located? All over the earth. Many are located in the mountains and canyons of northern Arizona, where The Dreamwalker Trilogy takes place. Ancient people have often designated these places for ceremonies and rituals in order to tap into the energy of Mother Earth and to connect with the universe.

In The Dreamwalker Trilogy, Dreamwalker goes to the mountains in search of healing plants that contain the strong energy of Mother Earth. She also visits a Place of Power in a canyon to connect her to the Earth energy for her vision quest. Dreamwalker is taught to tap into the energy when she works to heal others.

In the above paragraph I discussed energy on Mother Earth. Everything in nature consists of life-force energy vibrating at different levels, including the human body. The Dreamwalker Trilogy uses rocks, minerals, and crystals as a way for the main character to link with Earth energy. Crystals and minerals are used during healing ceremonies by surrounding the sick with a specific colored stone in each of the four directions.

There are many kinds of rocks and crystals that hold healing energies. People use stones to heal on the physical, emotional, or spiritual levels. When you work with stones you will interpret their healing abilities to your own spiritual understanding. Next time you consider buying jewelry with gemstones or an individual crystal or stone, pay attention to the energy you feel from it when you hold it in your hand. Use your internal sense to guide you to the one that is calling you. That one will have the energy you need.

Rose Quartz: In The Healing One and Bright Star Rising, Dreamwalker uses the crystal she trades many times to guide her into the spirit world. Rose quartz in particular builds self-confident and self-acceptance. It can help you move from a place of being rigid to a gentle place of being more soft-hearted and flexible. Rose quartz will help you take time for joy and delight while it dissolves gloom and over-seriousness.

Opal:  In The Healing One, Brave Spirit gives Bright Star a fire opal. This particular opal is named for its reddish-orange color, but also flames with blues and greens. Mexico is an excellent source for fire opals.  Opals can clear beliefs that limit your freedom and independence. It is a wonderful stone to use when you want to start fresh and initiate new ways of thinking or a more spontaneous approach to life. Opal energy helps unblock creative channels to help you begin your unique contributions to others.

Azurite:  Dreamwalker found this stone in The Final Migration while in the mountains with the medicine man, White Cloud. This deep-blue stone is still mined in Arizona and other places around the world. Azurite's energy prepares the way for change and purification to increase intuitive sensitivity. It helps to build your spiritual awareness beyond the five senses. Azurite is a good stone for meditation.

Where to Start?: If this information and my books connect with you then you need to get out in nature and create your own adventures. Hike natural lands and allow yourself to listen to the birds, feel the breeze, see the plants. Observe water--creeks, ponds, lakes, the ocean. Look for interesting rocks--you may even find ancient fossils. Get to know the beautiful places in your area and interact with nature. Try not to make your presence known and maybe you will be lucky enough to see the animals that live in area. But be respectful and know that humans stress animals. How would you like a fox to walk into your living room?
     Most importantly, Enjoy connect with nature! Allow the serenity and peace flow through you. You will be healthier for it!  Later on buy wild flower, trees, bird and rock identification books to learn about your neighbors. When you realize how valuable these natural spaces are for you and others, join a group and help preserve them.